The trip to Sydney was a much needed holiday and it went wonderfully. The RSPCA Cupcake Day was especially memorable, organised by my dear sister, Isabel, at her vet clinic. There were lots of fresh and organic produce available, so it was like dream come true, so much to choose from. In the end we made vanilla cupcakes with fresh raspberries, blueberry & white choc cupcakes and snickers & peanut butter cupcakes! It was great to see that everyone at the clinic had joined in so we actually had like a million and one cupcakes for sale that day, just look at all the different colours! hehe.




It was great fun and honestly I couldn’t imagine ever doing something like this in KL. As you can see we were standing by the road, waving and calling out to people to remind them to buy a cupcake to raise money for the RSPCA…  and people would actually wave back or honk  – yes my sis and her friend were hawt, so that helped I’m sure 🙂 and many people went of their way to come over and buy a cupcake! We managed to raise over 200 aussie dollars, so I think we all deserve a pat on the back.  Towards the end,  Meg and I decided to take a rest and had fun playing on the grass… and yes we ate some cupcakes too 🙂





Wow, its been a long time since I’ve written anything. I’m sorry for the sudden disappearance, but its been a rather hectic and stressful month for me. Loads of stuff happened but its been a month of learning and re-discovering some important things. However, its not to say that I’ve forsaken my sweet tooth, in fact, I’ve been baking for friends and family still but just didn’t have the time to come and check in.

Anyway, Ill be off to Sydney tomorrow so it’s probably going to be quiet for the next few weeks  but while I’m gone, SUGARFAERIE BAKE SHOP will be at two events:

Sunday 16th August:  UPM Dogathon 2009 *There’ll only be a selected range of brownies available but do try to check it out. It’ll be sold by the UPM vet students*

See here fore further details –

Date to be confirmed: RSPCA Cupcake Day (In Sydney) * Its a charity event to raise money for the RSPCA, check in later for more details and hopefully, some nice pictures!*

It was a cake to celebrate two special occasions. A birthday & a housewarming. The cake, pretty in pink & ready to go.


There to greet us at the door, full of excitement, the birthday boy himself. Waiting for his cake & present of course.


The party was filled with laughter and chatter and of course, eating. But before long it was time to sing Happy Birthday, blow out the candles and make a wish!


As you can see the birthday boy tried very hard to tell us his age, and he got pretty close to getting it right! He he.


And yes, all kids do love birthday parties, something about candles and cake creates some special magic. Just look at the excitement in this lil cutie pie’s eyes!


And soon enough it was time to cut the cake and for a little while, silence reigned, as even the little ones savoured their slice of cake…


From all at Sugar Faerie: Happy Birthday & May your new home be filled with happiness!



oatmeal cookie

My mom has been asking me to try out a recipe for an oatmeal cookie the last few weeks but as I have been busy with orders, I never had the time to experiment, until today.

Oatmeal cookies have always been something of an underdog cookie, in my mind. Its like carnations. Its a pretty flower but somehow its gotten a bad ‘rep’ and most people think of it as a cheap flower bouquet filler. So even though people may like it, they might not necessarily buy it.  (Free Tip to all son-in-laws: Don’t buy carnations for your mother-in-law)

Anyway, I think oatmeal cookies are great because they are actually good for you besides being surprisingly delicious. Oats are high in soluble fibre, known as Beta Glucan, which has proven to be beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol.

The cookies I made were very yummy & chewy, and as my sis said, ‘moreish’. And for once, you can say that eating just one more cookie could be good for you! It has hint of cinnamon, a dash of golden syrup and just the right amount of golden raisins to complement the chewy buttery oats.

For those who know me well, you will definitely know of my sweet tooth, so much that even my hubby used it as his shield during our wedding ‘quiz’. Yes we had to endure that ‘let’s embarrass the bride and groom by asking them a bunch of blush-inducing questions’. And hehe, no, I do NOT intend to repeat what that question was, here. I have always had a great love affair with cookies. In fact while studying in the UK, I used to eat cookies at least once a week, from Millie’s (I forgot the name and had to search it up). It’s kinda embarrassing to admit it now but I ate about half a dozen per week. Hhmm, this explains my toothaches as well as the weight I gained when I returned back home.

Anyhow, I decided to do a bit more research on cookies and here are some random facts I’d like to share with any fellow cookie monsters:

A little cookie history: The first cookies were created by accident. Cooks used a small amount of cake batter to test their oven temperature before baking a large cake. This dab of small batter eventually became the first cookie!

The origin of the word: The credit goes to the Dutch; they called it ‘koekje’, meaning little cake. The Dutch took them to America in the 18th century and the word became ‘cookie’.

The story of The Chocolate Chip Cookie: Sometime in the 1930s, so the story says, a Massachusetts innkeeper ran out of nuts while making cookies. She decided to substitute a bar of baking chocolate, broke it into pieces and added the chunks of chocolate to the flour, butter and brown sugar dough. The Toll House Cookie, so named after the inn in which it was served, was a hit. Historians credit the innkeeper, Ruth Wakefield, with inventing what has since become an American classic – the chocolate chip cookie.

And I thought I had the munchies! Americans consume over 2 billion cookies a year or 300 cookies for each person annually.

OK. There you have it – your dose of randomness. Now go out and impress your friends and possibly alienate yourself in the process 🙂

It was my nephew’s birthday this weekend and it is hard to believe how this little cherubic baby has somehow now turned into a 6 year old boy!  If I am surprised, imagine how my sister, the mommy feels. Hehe. Anyway, the whole family chipped in to help prepare for the big day. The theme of the party was RECYCLE and seeing as how Bern was a huge fan of Wall-E, it was apt that Wall-E featured a big role in the event. For those who aren’t familiar with Wall-E, he is a robot left in charge of cleaning up a totally abandoned and toxic planet earth, in the far future, where everyone lives on spaceships. Everyday he gathered, packed and compressed junk into cubes and stacked them up neatly. This became the idea and basis for the birthday boy’s cake which was a neat stack of chocolate and butterscotch brownie cubes.

Wall-E Theme Cake

Most of the activities had recycling in the theme, including a re-engineered version of musical chairs and making candle holders out of old glass jars and pretty, sparkly trinkets. The highlight of the party was hitting a Wall-E pinata, a little disturbing it may seem to some but it was good fun, an entertaining and at times anxious combination of shrieks and gasps from concerned parents and laughter from the kids as they each took turns to swing an over-sized stick.  It took a while, being built like a tank (and yes, at one time, even some of the adults joined in) eventually Wall-E relented and spilled the goodies.

The party was a blast and we’re glad that Sugar Faerie had a chance to join in the fun and games, as well as supply the sweet treats and cake for the special occasion.


Chocolate fountain. Good times!!
Chocolate fountain. Good times!!

Jars&knick knacks.
Jars&knick knacks.


We have recently been doing some research on how to keep our cookies fresher and chewier longer in our customers’ hands. As our products are all home-baked with no preservatives they don’t hold up as well as cookies you might get from the store. Even in an airtight jar, we’ve found that the cookies would only stay chewy and soft for 3-4 days, after which it starts its awkward descent towards becoming a really chocolaty cardboard (ok we may have exaggerated a little.. but still!!).

Well scientifically all this has to do with moisture or a lack of it. Thus how long it stays fresh depends on how well the cookie can retain its moisture. After going through numerous on-line articles, many suggest putting in a slice of bread along with the cookies in an airtight container. Once in with the cookies, the moisture from the bread would be slowly absorbed by the cookies thus keeping them soft and chewy longer. Neat! Now we haven’t tested this yet but it certainly does make a lot of logical sense.

Alternatively you could try consuming them within 3 days.

P/S: If you do try this please keep track of the bread and replace it with a new piece once it dries up.